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Training Areas

Dr. C. Daniel Prather, A.A.E., CAM is currently an active, aviation industry trainer.  He has experience developing unique courses for airports, business aviation flight departments, aviation industry associations, and other organizations, based on the client’s specific needs.



     Airport Certified Employee (ACE)

     Basic Airport Safety and Operations Specialist (ASOS) School

     Advanced Airport Safety and Operations Specialist (ASOS) School

     Safety Management Systems: An Overview

     Safety Management Systems: Safety Policy and Objectives

     Safety Management Systems: Safety Risk Management

     Safety Management Systems Safety Assurance

     Safety Management Systems: Safety Promotion

     Safety Management Systems: Implementation

Business Aviation has 100% online NBAA-approved courses, currently including:

     L1: Vision, Mission, and Values 

     L2: Goal Setting

     L3: Effective Leadership

     L4: Enhanced Professionalism

     L5: Change Management

     HR1: Optimum Staffing

     HR2: Employee Training

     HR3: Staffing Functions

     HR4: Performance Reviews

     HR5: Compensation Evaluation

     HR6: Rewards and Discipline

     HR7: HR Regulatory Compliance

     HR8: Human Factors

Aviation Training Solutions 

ATS Has in-person training for the following NBAA-approved courses:

     Developing Strategic Vision, Mission, and Goals in Business Aviation (L1, L2)

     Effective Leadership in Business Aviation (L3)

     Enhancing Productivity Through Business Aviation (BM1)

     Staffing Needs and Job-Related Training for Aviation Departments (HR1, HR2)

     Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Business Aviation (Ops6)



     Leadership         Communication         Teambuilding          Strategy

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