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Dr. Prather has been an active consultant with the aviation industry since 2008. He has consulted with airports, as well as the Transportation Research Board through their Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP).


Dr. Prather has extensive experience conducting research on real-world airport issues, as well as writing about research results in a professional manner.


He has experience reviewing and updating airport documents, including manuals, plans, programs, rules and regulations, and policies and procedures.


His work with the TRB-ACRP address a multitude of topics, including self-fueling, airport inspection practices regarding FOD, self-inspections, aircraft recovery, and aeronautical special events.


Dr. Prather is an active and flexible researcher, author, and consultant. He is also able to partner with other industry experts for larger projects.


To find out more on our abilities for teaching and consulting, please visit our contact page or give us a call!

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