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Welcome to the newly designed website for Dr. Prather and his firm – DPrather Aviation Solutions, LLC.  It is our intent to provide you with the most practical, aviation industry-driven training, educating, speaking, and consulting services.  Dr. Prather is a personable, industry-experienced professional with nationwide appeal.  Since 2006, he has provided numerous services to the aviation industry, including airports, state aviation departments, business flight departments, airport and business aviation associations, the Transportation Research Board, and institutions of higher education.

Our Team

We are a small, yet flexible firm, focused on providing unique solutions to organizations of all sizes and purposes.  Recognized as a provider of top-notch service and superb products, Dr. Prather is the go-to professional for aviation solutions including SMS, airport operations, strategic plans, business aviation management, airport management, research, and leadership.


Dr. Prather works with numerous aviation professionals to support the work of DPrather Aviation Solutions.

Publications, Books & Articles

Airport Sustainability Practices: Promoting Aviation Career Education in High Schools and Community Colleges (2019)

Airport Sustainability Practices: Current Landscape of Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Airports (2019)

Airport Management (2015)

General Aviation Marketing and Management: Operating, Marketing, and

Managaing an FBO (3rd ed.)

Airport Sustainability Practices: Drivers and Outcomes for Small Commercial and General Aviation Airports. A Synthesis of Airport Practices. (2016)

Prather, C.D. (2009). Student perceptions of effective college teachers. Collegiate Aviation Review, 27(2), 69-76.

Skills & Services

Dr. Prather is currently an active, aviation industry trainer. He has experience developing unique courses for airports, business aviation flight departments, aviation industry associations, and other organizations, based on the client’s specific needs.


Dr. Prather is an experienced, well-spoken, humorous speaker that weaves his past experiences with his unique southern accent to keep the audience engaged and interested in his story.


Dr. Prather is an experienced educator available to conduct external program reviews, curriculum development, SWOT analyses, SMS program development, mentoring of junior faculty, and other services required of collegiate aviation programs.


Dr. Prather has extensive experience conducting research on real-world airport issues, as well as writing about research results in a professional manner. He has experience reviewing and updating airport documents, including manuals, plans, programs, rules and regulations, and policies and procedures.


“The most well-written, logically organized, relevant, and thought-provoking learning/study materials I have ever encountered.”

- ACE-Operations student



“Documents his audience well and extremely easy to read. Color graphics are enjoyable. The universal principles are very useful.”

- TRB Panel member comment



“His work ethic and skills are exceptional. He consistently provides a work product that exceeds expectations and

can always be counted on to deliver.”

- Airport Director

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